What is a Yowie?

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In the eastern states of Australia there could live a creature of myth and legend. People call it the ‘Yowie’. This elusive homonid is often also called ‘The Australian Bigfoot’.

The Aboriginal tribes of eastern Australia have longed told stories of a creature that was fearsome and hairy, up to or over 2.6 metres in height, with strong muscular bodies, powerful arms and large hands longer than a human’s. They walked upright upon two legs with a stooped gait. Their heads were sunk into their shoulders, giving them the stooped appearance.

Their heads are described as having a skull dome, receding forehead and having thick, protruding eyebrow ridges overshadowing their large deeply-set eyes. Their feet are said to be larger than a humans and they possessed an opposable toe.

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These descriptions match those given by modern eye-witnesses.

The first accounts from westerners appeared in 1835 when one Mr. Holman wrote about his trip to Australia. He write “The natives are greatly terrified by the sight of a person in a mask calling him ‘devil’ or Yah-hoo, which signifies evil spirit.”

Just five years later, scientists were already starting to debate whether or not it could be a real species, or just a character from legend. European settlers in the 1880′s began reporting sightings of a strange creature often said to resemble a large monkey. Somewhere along the way the “yahoo” become known as the “yowie”.

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