During the Depression of 1936, there lived a young man named Bernado Vazquez in the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Bernado was a strange young man who desired to get rich by any means possible. One of those means was to use black magic to become invisible.

He would spend a lot of time with a neighbouring woman and her daughter, telling them about his hopes and dreams. One evening he came over to the visit and said: At last I have everything ready. This time I will not fail. I got myself the black cat, pieces of wood from an old coffin-you know those that are discarded in the cemetery, and a big tin can.”

When questioned further, he stated that he was going to use them in a magical ceremony in order to become invisible. With this power he would be able to get rich very quickly. In order to achieve this, he would need to obtain a particular bone from the cat and everytime he placed this bone under his tongue, he would become invisible.

The woman felt sorry for the young man and decided to excuse herself, but not before warning him against using the dark arts. That was the last time she ever saw him.

A few days later she wondered where Bernado was as she hadn’t seen him around. She went to see her neighbour who had rented Bernado a room at the back of the house and asked after him. The neighbour replied that she had not seen him but that a few days before she and her husband had heard a cat screaming. They had been too scared to investigate further.

They decided to go around to the room to see if anyone was there. The door and window were both closed tighly with a thick wood plank. There was also a bad smell coming from the room, which prompted the women to call the authorities.

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